A Study on the Pedagogy of Buddha Shakya
12/08/2010 16:06 (GMT+7)
Born 2600 years ago in India, Buddha Shakyamuni was best educated by selected scholars and teachers for all the curricula needed as a prince. After leaving home to seek the path to enlightenment, he looked for the best teachers and learned from them. But he was not satisfied with what he had learned, and found his own way and attained enlightenment.
Introductory History of the Five Tibetan Traditions of Buddhism and Bon
12/08/2010 15:55 (GMT+7)
This evening I was asked to speak about the history of the five Tibetan traditions of Buddhism and Bon. The four Buddhist traditions are Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Gelug, while the pre-Buddhist Tibetan tradition of Bon makes the fifth. Often we hear the syllable "pa" at the end of these names. It means a follower of that tradition; for instance, Gelug pa means someone who follows the Gelug tradition.

The Practice of Altruism as a Common Spirit For Diverse Religions
12/08/2010 15:51 (GMT+7)
Dharma Master Cheng Yen founded Tzu Chi Foundation in 1966, with the philosophy of “helping others, helping yourself”, and emphasizing altruism. The four missions that carried by Tzu Chi members for more than four decades include charity, medicine, education and humanity.

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